Publix Oasis Login

Publix Oasis Login: Publix is one of the most popular supermarket chains of the USA. It is the largest organization of the world to be owned completely by its employees.

Publix Oasis is the online portal that allows the employees access to their employment details. In this guide, we will learn more about Publix Oasis Login.

Publix Oasis Login

What Do You Need For Publix Oasis Login?

In order to log into Publix Oasis, you will need the login credentials (user ID and password). The good news is that you don’t need to register on their website to create the login credentials. Once you are hired as an associate of Publix, the login details are given to you by your HR team.

You may need to wait for your first paycheck to receive the details. It would be a good idea to consult your HR department or immediate supervisor for more information on this.

You can log in to Publix Oasis on your PC as well as mobile devices. But, there is no app for Publix Oasis login from mobile. This is why you will need to use a mobile browser. Please note that only select browsers can give you access to your Publix Oasis login and Google Chrome isn’t one of them (surprising).

Publix Oasis is available in Safari 5.1 and higher for iOS mobiles and Mac computers. You can also use IE 7.0 to access the account on your Windows PC. If you want to access the account on Android, Mac or PC, you can use Firefox 4.0 or higher.

Publix Oasis Login From Mobile:

For Publix Oasis Login from Android or iPhone, you will need one of the compatible browsers. If you don’t have a supported browser, please download and install one.

As aforementioned, you need the login credentials provided by Publix HR team. If you have acquired the details, you can log in using the steps we have outlined below.

  • Launch the web browser on your mobile (iPhone or Android)
  • Visit the website Tap the ‘LOG IN’ button. You can find this button on the top right of the homepage. It is also placed in the Passport section on the left pane. Alternately, you can directly visit to go to the login page.
  • Enter your username and password on the Login page of the website
  • Tap the button labeled as ‘Log in’ to log into your Publix Oasis account.

These are the simple steps for Publix Oasis login passport on your mobile device.

I Forgot My Password | Forgot Publix Oasis Password? Reset It Now:

Publix Oasis login from iPhone and other mobile devices is easy. But, you will not be able to log in to your account if you have forgotten your password. There is nothing to worry about. Resetting the password is incredibly easy.

When you join Publix as an employee or associate, you are given a Publix email address, which is also associated with your Publix Oasis account. Publix also allows you to use your personal email address for registration. You should have access to the email address associated with your Publix Oasis account in order to reset the password. Follow these steps:

  • Open a compatible web browser on your mobile and go to
  • Tap the option ‘Difficulty with Password’ (it is right under the Log In button)
  • All you need to do is provide the required details. Once you supply the correct information, you will receive a password reset link in the email
  • Access the email, click the link, and reset your password.


Publix Oasis or Publix Passport is an online resource designed for the Publix associates or employees. Here, you can access a wide range of information pertaining to your employment. You can also view your pay stubs and benefits. Publix Oasis login is available on mobiles through a web browser.